About Us

Karl Schnitzer is an authorized Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) Practitioner with the Nelson Nash Institute. Endless Legacy Solutions is Karl’s Information brand. Our Life Insurance policies are designed and implemented through Producers Wealth.

Prior to IBC, Karl was a Police Officer. During his law enforcement career, he learned how to invest in real estate and simultaneously invested in real estate when he was off duty. While investing in Real Estate Karl discovered the Infinite Banking Concept and learned how to leverage his life insurance policies to acquire real estate. Karl first came to Producers Wealth as a client and mentee of MC Laubscher.

After several years of learning & first hand using IBC as a client of Producers Wealth, Karl felt a calling to leave the Police department and pursue a career in the Life Insurance industry in order teach this powerful tool to others. Karl went on to get his life insurance license as well as an accreditation as a Authorize Infinite Banking Practitioner through the Nelson Nash Institute.